Part 3: Video And Your Events

In a couple of previous posts (here and here), we discussed what types of video you would want to record for your events and how to record those videos.

Today I want to discuss a few uses for those videos.  We touched on it briefly in part one, but these videos could add to the way attendees interact with your event, and add social proof for what you’re advertising about your event.

  1.  Post Video To YouTube.  Once you have your videos edited the way you like them using your smartphone (and remember we’re not trying to do too much editing, just something light), upload the file to YouTube.  The great thing about using a video editor app like iMovie is you can upload these videos directly inside the app.  And uploading via your computer is easy as well.  It will require a few extra steps of pulling the video off your phone.  While we’re on the subject of YouTube, take a moment and claim your YouTube channel now.  That’s easy as well.  All you need is a Google account.  This will allow for your videos to be found all in one place.
  2.  Post To Website Or Blog.  Now that the video is on YouTube, embed the video on your website or blog.  The embed code is located under your video via the share button.  A video tab would be a great addition to your site.  New users to your site will be able to locate your videos quicker.  If you have a WordPress blog, these videos would make great blog posts.  There are several plugins that can help make adding videos really easy.
  3. Post A Link Of The Video On Your Website To Your Social Networks.  I like to push people back to your event’s website because this is the hub of all the activity.  Not only will they see your video, but also other social networks and information about your event.  This also creates traffic to your website, and Google loves that!  We’ve talked about SEO previously, and you want to create as much traffic as possible to your site.

One quick thought on YouTube.  It is owned by Google.  What does that mean?  Those videos are indexed higher in Google search results, and YouTube is also the second largest search engine behind Google.  That’s a powerful reason to use it!

What methods have you used to post videos?