Event Planners: Pass Along Winter Savings

The winter months of January, February and March typically see lower registrations at conference and retreat centers (unless they are in a temperate region). To combat this, many venues offer discounted pricing on their rooms and packages.  Here are a few events you could plan to pass these savings on to your guests.

Weekend Family Retreat: Friday evening through Sunday afternoon invite families to come relax and enjoy some time “away”–together. Choose a venue with nice facilities that would appeal to parents and children; think indoor pool, on-site restaurants, big screen televisions, and exercise facilities. Host a movie night with free popcorn, plan a scavenger hunt, or include a trail ride and chili dinner.  You don’t want to pack every minute with required events, but families with children will want lots of available activities and choices.

Small Business or Non Profit Retreats.  Smaller companies and non profits usually have limited budgets for off-site company activities and may have mentally eliminated the idea all together.  Show them the savings with a well-done mailer or email, and they may jump at the chance to do some planning and bonding somewhere other than their own conference room.  This group will need meeting and recreational space.

Women’s or Men’s Getaways.  Post-holidays can find people with a little breathing room in their schedule.  Capitalize on that by giving men or women a chance to get away and recharge.  I’ve seen everything from a Women’s Scrap Booking Retreat to a Men’s Long Distance Running Retreat.  Other popular topics include: Yoga, Spiritual Growth, Marriage and a Girlfriend Getaway.  Think about your target audience, their likes, budget and available time, and offer a great event, at a discounted price.

Use the discounts available during January, February and March to offer your event attendees something amazing, at just the right price.