Should I Webcast My Upcoming Event

I went to a great event last month.  The speaker was doing a fantastic job, and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if my brother could watch this?”  Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible for this event.  But the great thing about modern technology is you can webcast your event relatively easily.

Let’s talk first about why you would want to webcast your event.  I think there are 3 reasons why you should:

  1. It allows a bigger audience to see and to hear your speakers.  There are those moments when you’re sitting at a conference wanting to share what you’re hearing.  If the event is being webcast, it’s easy to pass along a link via email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or even text message.
  2. It makes other people want to be there.  People like to be a part of something.  You see a great sporting event on TV and dream of being in attendance.  Watching via webcast is one thing, but if your event is great, next year virtual attendees will do everything they can to be there in person.
  3. It creates a greater impact on the Internet.  Here’s what I mean: with all the social networks out there, people will take the opportunity to talk about your event (and speakers) which helps spread the word.  The more “social buzz” that is generated, the more people will check out your event.  This leads back to point #2 above.

Now, let’s talk about how to webcast.  Each event will be different and the event coordinator will need to work with the audio/visual guy to coordinate logistics.  Here are a couple of great services to webcast your event:

  1. This is a great free service that also has a very nice social plugin for viewers.
  2. YouTube. YouTube has recently allowed live streaming of events via Google+ Hangouts. Here’s a great article on how to set that up.

Have you done a webcast of your event?  How did it impact your event for the next year?