Ideas for Fall Retreat Decorations

Autumn harvest with Farmers Vegetables and  fruitsAs my daughter and I were playing at a park the other day, we spent a lot of time picking up acorns off the ground.  These weren’t your average acorns, though.  They were some of the biggest ones I had ever seen.  They were beautiful.  I couldn’t help but think of all the fun ways to use these in fall decorations.  My daughter had different plans for them, as they made great objects to toss into the stream nearby.

Next to Christmas events, I think conferences and retreats during the fall months can be some of the easiest to decorate.  Here are a few ideas on items to use as you plan your decorations:

Pumpkins are probably the most-used fall decoration, but there are many ways to use them for your stage, entryways, table centerpieces and more.  Combine pumpkins of different shapes, sizes and colors to create a beautiful fall arrangement.  Pumpkins can also be carved in very creative ways.  Gone are the days of a simple snaggle tooth face carved in a pumpkin.  Utilize geometric patterns, etching and stencils to create simple or intricate designs.  Consider carving or painting your group logo on a pumpkin on the registration table.
Use various types of containers to fill with fall decorations.  These can include wheelbarrows, harvest baskets, barrels, pumpkins with the tops carved out, wash tins and baskets filled with burlap overlays.
Fall provides vivid colors as leaves change from greens to reds, yellows and oranges.  Either real or artificial leaves can be used to enhance decorations.  Chrysanthemums, or mums, are one of the most popular fall flowers.  Pots of mums in vibrant colors can be found at most supermarkets, home improvement stores and nurseries.  (You can also give these away at the end of your events to volunteers and team members.)
Acorns, squash, gourds and apples can also add to your fall decorations.  These can be arranged in smaller groupings to showcase an array of fall colors.
Hay bales are a great way to add height to your stage decorations.  Keep in mind they are quite messy, so make sure to place something under them for easier transfer.  Your clean-up crew will greatly thank you for this!

Whatever your decoration style, fall provides a time for beautiful arrangements in brilliant colors.  Your guests will definitely notice these little touches you may provide throughout your event.

What are your favorite fall decoration ideas?  Share in the comments section below!