Beautiful and Unusual Spring Centerpieces

Springtime was a long time coming this year- at least in the North Carolina mountains where we live. I’m 189% ready to breath in the warmer air of spring and open all the windows in my house to blow away the woodsmoke and dust of winter.

vegetable-centerpieceSpringtime also brings lots of fresh possibilities for decorating, today we’ll focus on centerpieces. When planning a centerpiece for your next event, consider:

  1. Unusually presented flowers. Add something unexpected to the vase like cut fruit or even whole carrots. Or ditch the vase all together and use teacups, ball jars, cabbage leaves, watering cans, or umbrellas.
  2. Let the changing landscape inspire you. Spring brings herbs, butterflies, bees, birds nests, budding branches, and bright green grass. Use one or two of these items to create a surprising centerpiece. You might need to try several combination to hit on something that is aesthetically pleasing. Try it out before you buy/collect enough for every table.
  3. Spring activities. What does Spring find you enjoying? Walks in rain boots, collecting flowers, gardening with gloves and trowel, watching birds with bird book in hand, painting with watercolors outside, or building a bluebird house? It can be fun and surprising to collect some of these tools and display them artistically.
  4. Books on Spring. I’m a book lover, and when I’m in a pinch, I can always go into my library and find a few books on almost any subject.  For a spring centerpiece I could bring down a gardening book, a birding book, and a travel book and surround them with some pastel candles. Lovely!
  5. Celebrate Easter by including a cross or relevant Scripture. There are so many arresting reproductions of the cross- or you can create your own with twigs and twine. (Don’t pair this with eggs. It’s a confusing combination of symbols.) Relevant Scripture on Christ’s resurrection can be beautifully scripted on thick pieces of paper and framed or folded to stand upright.

Do you have a favorite Spring centerpiece? Share a description or photo with us.