How To Sell Recorded Content To Your Guests

What if you could provide a service your guests would love and appreciate, and use it to generate income too? Tell you more? Absolutely!

I’m talking about recording session content for your guests, packaging it up, and selling it to them.

But not tapes (do I really even need to mention tapes?) or CD’s or DVD’s- digital content, available for download online.  Guests love this option, especially for content rich conferences or seminars where they can’t take notes fast enough, and can’t be in every breakout session they want to attend.  If they can pay $25 or $35 to have access to all the sessions for a certain amount of time–they’re delighted!  They can go back and re-listen to points they want to review, and even listen to sessions they didn’t get to.

To be clear, this is not a snap-your-fingers-and-it’s-done undertaking. You’ll need to:

  • discuss this with the head of your IT and sound engineering departments
  • notify and gain permission to record each speaker
  • train volunteers, speakers or paid staff to start and stop session recordings
  • decide how to advertise the content sale
  • consider where and how to accept payment for recording access
  • collect recordings, upload and label them online
  • enter user information and assign access names and passwords
  • provide clear information on when the recordings will be available, how people will be notified of their username and password, and how long the recordings will stay on the site.

Setting something like this up for the first time can be a challenge, but it will become easier with time.  Try it out on a small scale before announcing it to an event involving thousands!  This is a wonderful service, and if you can keep man-hours in a reasonable range, it can also be a nice income generator. Have you ever done this? What worked? What would you do differently next time?