Traditions can be an important addition to recurring events. Properly implemented, activities you annually incorporate can give your attendees something to look forward to each year. These can be a variety of different things – a themed meal, a group activity, a gift. The possibilities are endless.

Christmas brings about a plethora of family traditions – things you do each year that help celebrate the holiday season. This year, I asked the leadership team at Ridgecrest Conference Center to share their favorite Christmas traditions. Here are few they gave:

  • My family opens a wrapped Christmas book each night starting December 1. We read this book together with our two children. They look forward to each of the 24 books we share over December. – Robert, Business Manager
  • My favorite tradition in our household, with four young kids under the age of eight, is to read through the Jesus Storybook Bible together at dinner. It has 25 stories from the Genesis narrative to the birth of Christ that tie the whole Old Testament to the need of a Rescuer that is Jesus. I think it helps me and my family put the season into perspective. – David, Conference Services Manager
  • When our kids were younger we always got Jesus a birthday cake and sang Him the Happy Birthday song when dessert was served at the family dinner. For fun and mystery, we always labeled the presents under the tree after a different reindeer for each kid and swapped the names around each year so they would not know whose presents were whose until the morning of.  – Marcus, Food Services Manager
  • Every year we stuff stockings thru advent to send to the Copper Basin community in Tennessee. It was a need that was brought to our attention when my husband and I were in the singles Sunday School class before we were married, and we have carried that on throughout our marriage. This is the 22nd year we have done stockings for Copper Basin. – Melissa, Director of Sales & Marketing
  • My family always eats BBQ for Christmas (from Lexington, NC, BBQ capital of the world!). – Daniel, Facilities Manager
  • Our favorite tradition is reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 with our family on Christmas morning. – Art, Director
  • Some of our favorite things at Christmas are eating Christmas cookies, watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas songs, and driving around looking for houses that have Christmas lights (the ones that are moving to music are the best!). – AJ, Guest Spaces Manager

Christmas is a wonderful time to share special traditions. Just like your family looks forward to these each year, the same can carry over to your annual events, as well. Take an idea, embrace it, and make it a special part of your event.

Do you have any traditions for annual events? If so, comment below!