Is Your Facility Visitor Friendly? How to Find Out.

Are you planning an event at your own building?  Will you be inviting people who are unfamiliar with your location?  A visitor friendly facility can make a big difference in the experience of your guests.  Here’s a few things to think about and then a wonderful way to give your location a “test run.”

Signage: Do you have signs leading up to your location at necessary turns and intersections?  On the outside of your building/buildings?  Inside, labeling rooms and indicating restrooms and exits?  Are your signs visible, readable, and consistent in style?

Supplies: Do you have tissues, water bottles, pens, paper, or other supplies your guests will need?  Imagine yourself attending the meetings or events that you will be hosting, and think through things you might need but would not think to pack.

Environment: Is a certain room always cold?  Very hot?  Are you always scrambling to find microphones in a certain location?  Identify known problems within your environment and address them.

Now to put your facility to the test.  Invite someone, or a small group of people to your location, who have never visited.  It could be a friend, or family member or business associate.  Ask them to come at a certain time, and give them the exact directions you will be providing your future guests.  Ask them to complete a list of simple tasks once they have arrived. For example: Park, find room 101, find the women’s restroom, locate the childcare facility, visit the coffee shop, sit in a seat in the main auditorium.  Have them call you when they are finished and take them out to lunch.  Ask them for their observations, and find out what they enjoyed and what they had difficulty with.  It’s amazing what you’ll discover when your building or buildings are presented to you through new eyes.

Making your facility visitor friendly is worth the effort- and should be considered before hosting any event.  If you can, do this several months in advance so that you have time to order additional signage or supplies!