Creating an Unforgettable Photo Booth

Retro Photo BoothChances are, if you’ve looked at Facebook or Instagram, you’ve seen pictures from a photo booth set up at a wedding or other celebration.  Let’s face it:  photo booths are a lot of fun!  They allow people to relax, smile and capture a fun memory or two. Whether you are planning an adult retreat, a youth event or a family night, photo booths can be implemented in a variety of ways.  Here are a few tips when planning a photo booth:

  1. Backdrop – Backdrops can be as simple or elaborate as you want.  The easiest backdrop to utilize is a plain wall if one is available.  A colorful sheet or large paper background (such as wrapping paper or butcher paper) are simple ways to create a basic backdrop.  For those wanting something more, walls of streamers, balloons or other festive decorations provide great backgrounds.  (If a photo booth is a large attraction at your event, you can hire companies to come in and take pictures in front of a green screen and add numerous backgrounds to these later.)
  2. Props – Props are a must for a photo booth!  These can include hats, costume jewelry, sunglasses, large frames, chalkboards to write messages on, etc.    If the event is themed, create props reflecting that theme to add a more relevant approach to your booth.
  3. Taking Photos – Photo booths don’t usually need a lot of manpower to run.  As an event planner, you need to decide if you will take pictures and post them, if guests will use their own smartphones/cameras to snap pictures or if you will have a combination of both.  Even if your guests will take their own pictures, have a few volunteers on standby to assist guests in taking pictures.  (Don’t let this be another time when one family member or friend has to miss being in the picture because he or she is taking the picture.)
  4. Posting Photos – If you are taking photos at the booth, provide a way for these pictures to be printed at your event.  You can do this with photo printers, or you can outsource this to companies who provide Instagram print stations.  Make sure all pictures posted by guests have the event hashtag associated with them. You can also scroll pictures taken on screens while guests are gathering for a session.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, some companies now even offer Slow Motion Video Booths.  Instead of taking a still picture, these booths capture video of you and your group and set it in slow motion.  Though this comes with a larger price tag, this will be something your group will be talking about for some time.

Just because photo booths have been around for awhile doesn’t mean they aren’t still fun.  Think of ways to add creative elements to your booth to make it different from other photo booths done before!