5 Photos You Want To Get At Your Next Event

These are the five photos that I’m always looking for when I market an event.  Let’s talk about them and how to take them.

  1. People learning/interacting. Most events are a combination of learning and networking, hopefully with a little fun thrown in. Capture it. Move closer or zoom in and focus on heads and shoulders rather than including only full bodies. We’re looking for facial expressions when we look at photographs.
  2. Feel of location. Cover all the different spaces where the event takes place. A great shot of the main meeting area, a breakout session, dining area, etc. One of my favorite types of shots is one from above, capturing movement. Set your camera to a longer shutter speed so that people blur slightly as they move. Use a tripod, or place your camera on a rail or ledge (not too precarious please), so that the buildings and walkways stay sharp and in focus.
  3. What makes it unique. Imagine the visual impression you would try to communicate to someone who has never attended the conference. Would you tell them about the view of the ocean from the event hall or the intimate round table discussion sessions with key speakers? Take photos until you feel you have a few shots that represent your description.
  4. Speaking of speakers. A great photo of a speaker engaging their audience is hard to get–but worth it. Try getting a shot that includes a few rows of the audience and the speaker. Or maybe a closeup of the presenter at the podium. A nice zoom lens is a big help in this category.
  5. Group shot. These can be a fun memento for event guests, and can help reinforce networking connections. I get great group shots by getting above my audience. Get up onto a ladder, or chair, or (for a huge group) into a balcony or sound box. Try a fisheye lens for a great effect.

If you’re an experienced photographer, use these ideas to fuel your creativity. If you’re not, take lots of different shots from multiple angles, and turn off the flash whenever you can. Always make a list of the shots you want to take away from an event, and be ready to capture spontaneous moments as they are happening. We’d love to see an amazing shot you’ve taken at an event, and tell us where you plan to use it in your marketing material!