Event Long Activities

Preparing an event-long activity can add fun and increased social interaction to your next event.  Of course, you’ll need to consider your main goal and the group of people you will be working with before you move forward. Here are a few event-long activities that might be just what your next event is missing.

1)    Seek and Find. Hide one, or multiple, themed items all over the venue– in breakout session rooms, at the hotel registration desk, even in event literature. Make sure the items are fun and unique but not too valuable. Let your attendees know near the beginning of the event that these items are hidden, explain how many there are, and how they should be recorded.  Items could be anything from passages of scripture, to figurines, to photos of rare stamps. The goal of this exercise could be group bonding, being exposed to relevant scripture, or occupying children during long periods of waiting in line.
2)    Scavenger Hunt: This is similar to the first option but involves a long list of different items. Items can be hidden around the event venue, or perhaps event attendees will need to venture into the city or surrounding area to find them.  If you are asking your guests to make a trip away from the event venue you may need to build some time into the schedule that they can use for this purpose.
3)    Question and Answer. Create a list of accomplishments, traits, and skills and encourage attendees to find other event guests who match that description.  Who speaks a foreign language, has run a marathon, can cook a five course dinner? Have  people collect names or signatures of people who fit each description. This is a good event-long task for groups of people who aren’t naturally outgoing, or who tend to stay in small groups.

Once you’ve chosen an activity think through details like deadlines, prizes and item placement.  Add a fun twist to socializing with any of the above options, and leave a comment with other ideas you’ve used.