Entertainment Industry Secrets

Secrets.  We all like secrets, and today I want to let you in on a few entertainment industry secrets.  I almost feel like a magician letting the cat out of the bag.

Let’s say you’ve had a last minute cancellation.  That stinks!  You and your team have been marketing that this particular speaker or artist were coming.

So what do you do?  Well, let me let you on a little secret.  If an artist or speaker is not playing on the day of your event and you contact them say two weeks out, there is a strong chance that that artist or speaker can be booked for considerably less than there normal asking fees.

As an artist manager, we like to have our artists or speakers working, and if an opportunity comes up on an off weekend, we would encourage the artist to take the date as long as they’re not loosing money.

Here’s another secret: let’s say you have an upcoming event, and you would like a particular artist to preform.  You look at their schedule, they are traveling that day and your location happens to fall between two shows on their schedule.

Artist Managers don’t like artists to be off while on the road.  That day off costs the artist money as they’re paying road manager, band guys and potentially other tour personal to do nothing.  There is a big possibility that the artist will play your event again for reduced money, and as long as the artist is not loosing money, we want the artist to work.

One last secret.  When you’re booking an artist or speaker, their fees are always negotiable.  One of the great things about dealing with a booking agency is they understand the negotiation process and how it works.  They’ll tell you right off the bat if your budget will work for a particular speaker.  Depending on their response, always encourage the booking agent to take your offer to management.  You want the Artist Manager to be the person making the call.

I hope these secrets will help you make your event that much more successful.