4 Resources For Event Planners

Another week, some more great resources for event planners.  Let’s take a look at this weeks articles.

Facebook made some recent changes to how status updates from your events Page are seen by people who have followed the page.  Greater emphasis is being placed on what Facebook is calling link-share posts.  What that means is when you make a status update, add the link an image should appear that is clickable and now delete the link.  The image and other verbiage stays and remains clickable for your followers.  Read more on Facebook’s blog here.

While we’re on the subject of social media, how do you handle a social media crisis that happens around your event?  This article from Social Media Examiner outlines 7 ways to respond to such a crisis.  I like point number 2: Take Charge.  Only you can tell what’s exactly happening at your event.  Do it!  Don’t wait for anyone else to take charge.  I highly recommend you subscribe to Social Media Examiner’s blog.  I always find their posts to be of the highest quality.

I’m a sucker for a good awards show.  I like the Grammy’s, Oscars and Golden Globes.  A recent post on Associations Now gave us some “Lessons In Event Planning From Hollywood.”  The author gives five thoughts that would have made the recent Golden Globes better and how event planners can learn from the show.  Check it out here.

I’m always looking for ways to help educate me on various aspects of social media and other areas of interest.  Cvent recently posted an article titled “15 Blogs To Help You With Marketing and Events.”  There are some fantastic resources that I’m looking forward to adding to my daily reading.

Well that brings us to the end of this weeks update.  I hope you enjoy some of these great resources.

More Great Event Planning Resources

A while ago, I wrote a different post with some resources I thought were something event planners would enjoy.  Today, I thought we would revisit that.

How To Outsmart Mother Nature When Planning An Outdoor Special Event is the title of a short blog post with some great ideas at dallas.CultureMap.com.  Being a music guy, I can’t help but agree with the point about lighting and AV elements being in danger with any kind of rain.  We’ve talked about working with production companies before.  You definitely want to be in touch with them concerning rain and other elements.

It’s that time again: Christmas and holiday party time.  MarketingProfs.com has a great post on the Top 5 Holiday Party Planning Tips.  Since this is probably for your own company and employees, I hope you’ll take their recommendation on outsourcing everything so all of your team can attend.

SuccessfulMeetings.com has a post on How To Leverage Your Social Media During an Event.  I’ve posted a lot on my feelings of social media and your event, but this post is geared towards using social media to responding to attendees criticism in real time.  If you’re not monitoring your social media in real time whether it’s for criticism or to just see what people are saying, you should be.  We mentioned before about implementing a hashtag.  That’s pretty important.

I’m enjoying curating, if you will, some resources that I believe will be beneficial to you and your team.  If this is something you’re enjoying, please leave a comment.  Maybe we’ll look at adding this as a monthly post here on Ministry Serving Ministry.

3 Recent Resources For Event Planners

Today’s post is a little bit different than my regular blogs.  Today I wanted to mention three recent articles that I’ve read that are tied to event planning.

The first is over at SuccessfulMeetings.com, and is titled “Allergists Publish Food Allergy Tips for Meeting Planners”.  Food allergies have increasingly become important, and in some cases it can mean the difference between life and death.  This article does a great job of giving advice to event planners on planning and working around food allergies.

The second post is called “80% of event organizers plan to increase social media” and can be found on citmagazine.com (Conference & Incentive Travel).  If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know how much I value social media as a tool to help market your event.  This study done by The Amiandio Report is pretty interesting.  Many event planners showed that when they used social media to promote their events, they were pleased with their results.  I believe as you make your plans for social media you have to be intentional about what you’re going to do.  Set goals and be able to measure them.

The third post is a self-improvement article.  We’ve talked about being always focused on Constant And Never-ending Improvement, and this post from BusinessInsider.com entitled “Eliminate These 8 Things From Your Daily Routine”  is right down that alley.  Most of the 8 things is common sense and filed under being polite.  But sometimes we forget the little things.

Have you read something recently that would be worth sharing with other event planners?  Mention the post and link to it in the comments below.