4 Criteria For Finding The Perfect Worship Band

One obviously important aspect of a retreat is praise and worship. Singing and praising God makes any church service, retreat, or even car ride more enjoyable, and connects humans to our Lord. Everyone loves music, so this part of the retreat can make or break the whole experience.

If you pick the wrong band or person to lead the worship band, the kids, teens, and/or adults might not feel as connected to God as you intended. Here are four things to look for in a worship leader or praise band to make sure the experience will be a positive one.

1. Hiring good musicians is clearly number one (and I don’t even have to mention that), but do these people have pure hearts and share the same faith as you, your youth pastor, and the attendees? You definitely want to hire people who are like-minded (or similar-minded) or the experience might be lost on them as well as you and your attendees.

2. Can this band recognize and alter the music choice to their audience? If the retreat is for kids, teens, or young adults, you’d probably want mostly praise music. If the retreat is mostly older or more conservative people, you might want more hymns. If it’s for families, you might want a mixture of both. Make sure they know this, think about this, pray about this, and understand this before they arrive at the retreat.

3. Going along with the second tip, can these men or women read the audience’s faces to see which songs are being enjoyed and which songs bore the audience? Can they really get them engaged? Maybe they are doing a mix of praise music and hymns, and they realize that the hymns are getting much better feedback than the praise music, will they know to realize that and then play more hymns? That’s important too.

4. How will you know these other three things? First, go through referrals and/or get some testimonials about the band (if you can). If you can’t (or even if you can), have them play for a few different people on your staff or even possible attendees. Ask them what they would do in each situation that may arise. Really explain to them the audience and purpose of the retreat, and remind them that they’re a big part of it.

So tell us your experience