Capitalize on Fall Traditions

For twenty years I have attended my church’s annual retreat.  We learn, sing, pray and visit together at a small mountain retreat center about an hour from our church home.  We go in September, a date that corresponds with the harvesting of the local apple crop. Free time on Saturday sees 90% of the retreat go-ers headed to a local apple orchard where they inhale cool air, taste apples, let their children run, and enjoy the beauty of the mountain scenery.

Fall Celebrations

Everyone looks forward to this part of the retreat  year after year.  And it is accomplished at no cost, and with no planning by the retreat team, except to schedule the necessary free hours.

There are many fall traditions that could sweeten up your upcoming event. September, October and November are the perfect times to incorporate fall activities — to the delight of your guests.

Fun Fall Activities:

  • Corn Maze
  • Cookie/Pie Baking Contest
  • Bonfire
  • Leaf gazing/hike
  • Tag football
  • Apple picking
  • Hay ride
  • Chili Cook-Off
  • Hot spiced cider

Do some research around the location of your event, and see if you can discover an orchard, fall festival, corn maze, scenic drive/hike/walk etc. Schedule free time to correspond and let guests know about the opportunity and how to get there.
Or organize something on the event grounds. Schedule a hayride and a fun outdoor movie; set up an outdoor tag football game and serve hot cider; invite a biology expert to lead a hike.

Cooking or baking contests are best done soon after guests arrive so that they can bring their items from home. Choose a panel of judges and number entries so that they can easily mark their observations for each one.  Once judging is complete allow event guests to have a taste of the entries.  Who doesn’t enjoy fall food!? Yum.

The fall season offers some wonderful entertainment and gastric options that can add fun and variety to your upcoming event.  With a little research and planning you can capitalize on area offerings or supply the autumn spice yourself.  Enjoy!