Event Planners: Why Offering Hotel Options Is So Important

The eventmanagerblog.com staff identified the Top 10 Event Trends for 2014 and number two on the list was “Solve the Hotel Nightmare”.

“One of the outcomes of the research we made for the Good Event Registration Guide is that only 27% of registration providers offered live accommodation options upon ticket purchase.
However, we also discovered that hotel options are amongst the top 10 most requested features by event planners.”  Read more here.

Why would event planners want hotel options? Because their guests want it!  Remember back to your own experience as an event guest.  You’re hundreds, or maybe thousands of miles away from an event, booking your spot, making travel plans, and trying to cover your projects at work. The last thing you want to do is try to decide where you should stay in an unfamiliar city.  The complexity of a great event hotel reservation is created because an attendee not only wants a clean, safe room, they want one in close proximity to the event itself.  And if you’ve never visited a city before, you know it’s hard to identify that yourself, without a great deal of research.

When you are planning an event, don’t leave hotel options to last minute planning.  Reserve a large block of rooms at excellent hotels in close proximity to your event at a great rate, and then make it very clear to your guests what the options are.  Put these options right alongside the event registration; guests shouldn’t need to “go hunting” or “give you a call” to find out about their options.

I was recently looking at a conference in San Diego, and they did an excellent job of highlighting the hotel option they had created for their attendees.  I’ve found a sample, click here to see all the information they provide.

They’ve included enough information for me to make my choice- and a link I can follow to make a reservation with my credit card. Perfect.

How do you offer great accommodation options to your guests- and make sure they know about them?