How To Create a Dynamite Resource List for Your Next Event

Events are about connections, with people, and with information resources. When I finish a conference or event, I sometimes get frustrated with my pile of business cards, and tiny scraps of paper with scribbled names of books and websites. One step towards a more organized pool of resources is a list compiled by YOU the event organizer.

Let’s talk content and format.

To get great content, reach out to your organizing and presenting teams. Ask them about resources that they think would be particularly valuable to your guests.  Books, audio files, You Tube videos, journals, websites, magazines, bloggers, podcasts; the world is their oyster. Also ask them what main problem each resource solves.

Tip: To freshen things up, why not organize a list by felt need? Maybe you could use questions, or statements. For example:

At a writers conference you might use headings like:

  • Do I need an agent?
  • I have a completed manuscript, now what do I do?
  • What should I include on my website?

Under these questions you could put several resources suggested by your teams. If you’re really awesome, include an icon next to each one that shows what type of resource it is, like an ear for an audio file.

Make your content available in pdf format and available online for download. You could also print out copies, as some people prefer hardcopies to jot notes and file for later. This wonderful list of resources could be given to attendees after they arrive, or even made available to them after they register. If you take the time to create something like this, talk it up! Let the marketing department know about the little gem that you have created, it’s very possible they could use it in lead gathering and event promotion.

Do you create a resource list for your guests? How do you distribute it?