3 Things I Learned While Buying A Car For Your Next Event

My mom recently purchased a car.  Being the great son that I am, I went with her to purchase and negotiate the final sales price.  I have to say overall it was a fun experience that taught me a lot for the next time I purchase myself a car.

I learned three things in particular that I will for sure remember.

  1. Research.  I made a big mistake going in, and that was not to have researched the invoice price of the car.  Thankfully, with modern technology, I was able to search for that while sitting at the desk.  Once I knew that number, I used that as our base price to negotiate.  Had I been better prepared going in, I might have been able to get the price of the car down even lower.
  2. Know your budget.  Mom knew how much she wanted to spend for the car, so it was important for us to keep that number in mind.  We had the typical car salesman experience where he asked what she wanted for payments, wrote it down and made her sign.  But that wasn’t what we were going for.  We were looking for the lowest price that would fit in her budget.
  3. Be willing to walk out.  This is the toughest point.  We all fall in love with that something we want, and this car was no exception.  I loved it.  She loved it.  I think we both would have been disappointed to have to walk out, but if the dealership wasn’t willing to meet our price in our budget, we were leaving.  Matter of fact at one point, I had to tell the salesman that we were ready to leave.

I tell you this little story because I believe all of these points work for planning your event.  You have to do your research on all the various supplies you need.  Maybe you want X, but Y will work just as fine.

Even more important you have to keep your budget in mind when doing your research.  The last thing you want is to fall in love with something and learn you can’t afford it.  And lastly if it’s just not working out, be ready to hit the exits.

Negotiating can be fun.  Matter of fact, this was the most fun I’ve had in buying a car.  Knowing these now, I’ll be much better prepared for the future.