How To Deal With Negative Team Members

I work on several teams.  Teams at church.  Teams at work.  Teams as a contractor.

It’s important these teams have a single minded goal and are working to head in the right direction.

Every once in a while, you’re going to have a negative team member.  These team members can have a bad affect on the goal and objective of the team.  If that issue is not handled soon, it will have a long term affect on other members of the team.

I watched this recently on a team I was a part of.  The person was always negative in outside conversations we would have as well as various team meetings.  It started to wear on me personally.

I believe negative team members need to be dealt with swiftly.  The more their voice is heard, their attitude starts permeating through the team.  Talk with the team member first to analysis their negative attitude.  Maybe something is going on at home that is coming to work.

I believe negative team members need to be separated from the rest of the team.  Until their attitude improves, let them work on their own projects without interaction with the team.  Hopefully this will keep that attitude separated from the rest of the team, and even more will help the negative attitude correct itself.

I also believe the other team members need to work to correct the negative team member.  I got so tired of hearing from the negative team member that I started encouraging her to find a better situation.

It’s amazing what happens when the negative team member is removed from the team.  Our team is no cooking with gas (as we say in Arkansas.)  Without that spirit hanging over us in my opinion, there is no telling what we can do.  To be honest everyone else’s attitude is amazing as well.

While it might be difficult to deal with the negatively, you owe it to your other team members to deal with it.