Registration: Directing Guests Through Multiple Tasks

Sometimes registration for your guests is as simple as showing up, grabbing a room key and dropping off their bags. But maybe you have an event coming up that will be much, MUCH more complicated.  You need them to go through a veritable gauntlet of tasks, without getting confused or giving up.  Fortunately, college campuses have faced this problem for years.  So we’ll be taking a taking a page from their book.  Let’s get started.

  1. Make a list of everything you need your guest to do during registration.
  2. Record those tasks on a sheet that you will provide for them.
  3. Require that they get a stamp or signature at each location.
  4. Decide on a treat they will receive once they have completed the sheet. (Example: It  can be turned in for a meal ticket.)

When registration day arrives, be sure that each station is well labeled, and if you need to, provide a map. Also make sure that station labels and the terms on your guest’s papers match.  It would be extremely frustrating if the station labels and the labels on the papers needing signatures did not correspond.

When we took my daughter for her kindergarten registration the K-12 school had also modeled it’s registration process after freshman orientation.  The large auditorium was set up with about twenty booths and we were funneled past a table where we received a blue piece of paper that required seven signatures. (Some of the booths were just for middle and upper school) We had to have seven station signatures, from ID photo card to parent volunteer sign up signed BEFORE we were allowed to go and visit her classroom.  It kept us motivated.  Instead of us feeling overwhelmed and milling around for five minutes before giving up and wandering off to her classroom- we stuck with it and made it to all the places they needed to see us.

registrationformHere’s a photo of the form they gave us at the first table.

Moving people through a multiple step registration doesn’t need to be a disaster, but it does need to be well organized! So think through the process and then give your guests a road-map to the finish line.