4 Blogs That Help With “CANI”

The president of my company has a saying “CANI”, which stands for Constant And Never ending Improvement.

I try everyday to continue to improve myself from a personal development standpoint.  Each morning I get up and read several blogs that help jumpstart my day mentally.  My boss can help with my personal development, but only so much because his daily bandwidth is limited.

I have found 4 blogs in particular that help me the most, and I thought I would share them with you today.

  1. MichaelHyatt.com.  For anyone interested in intentional leadership, personal development or platform building, this is a must!  Michael is the former chairman of the board and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, as well as a New York Time’s best selling author.  His posts vary from coaching topics to great ways to do productivity tasks on a computer.  Michael’s podcast has also become a must listen for me.
  2. SethGodin.TypePad.com.  Seth Godin is a marketing guru.  His books are manuals for marketing and are must reads for everyone.  Seth’s blog is a daily thinker for me.  Check out a podcast called “Seth Godin’s Startup School” for more fantastic content.
  3. SkipPrichard.com.  Skip might be new to some of you.  He’s a CEO and business leader, and writes on the topic of leadership insights.  Skip has also introduced his readers to several great leadership books.  He’s a constant reader.
  4. ChrisBrogan.com.  I like to read material that is also inspiring.  Chris does that as the CEO of Human Business Way.  He challenges his readers to “Tell bigger stories.  Use the impact equation. Love the grind.  Brave the now.  Service craftsmanship.”  Chris writes on his blog about twice a week, publishes a newsletter on Sunday’s and does an almost daily podcast as well.

These are just a few of the ways that I continue to grow my personal development.  I read several books and listen to other podcasts as well.

I hope these will challenge you to continue to work on your own personal development.  To be a better leader, you have to do the work!

Are there any blogs that you read daily?  What has worked best for you and your personal development?

Don't Get Stuck In A Classroom!

One of the numerous advantages Christian conference centers have over hotels is the natural setting that surrounds them. Not only does the natural setting provide your group the opportunity to get away from the distractions of the world, but it also provides your group with the opportunity to get out of the traditional meeting room setting.

Recently I read a blog post entitled “What I Learned About Leadership From A Low Ropes Course”. It was written by Michael Hyatt and in the post Hyatt talks about how beneficial he found going through an adventure learning experience to be. Here’s a quote: “I love reading books on leadership and attending seminars. But as helpful as these are, they are not the same as doing something together with a team. There are some things in life that are best learned by doing.” (Read full post)

I loved reading this post! See, I’m a big believer in adventure or experiential learning. As Hyatt points out, it’s one thing to read about a subject or sit in a classroom listening to a lecture, but it’s another thing all together to actually get out and learn by doing.

I think this is especially true in dealing with leadership and team-building. Getting a group out into an adventure setting helps to break down barriers and level playing fields. If facilitated well, this type of learning can have a huge positive influence on growing leaders and building teams.

When was the last time you incorporated adventure learning into one of your retreats? How did it work for your group? If you haven’t done this yet, why not? As you think about these questions, I’ll leave you with one last quote from Hyatt’s post…“Find a retreat center with a low (or even high) ropes course. It is well-worth the investment.”

Interested in learning more about adventure learning? If so, here’s a link to the Ridgecrest website where you can get more information (click here). Also, feel free to call 828-669-4844 and speak to one of adventure learning professionals.