Don’t Make These Group Apparel Mistakes

So you’ve decided to order matching shirts for your event team.  You want team members to be more visible and accessible to your clients.  Great idea!

group shirts

Before you order, here are a few tips from someone who has made her share of team apparel mistakes.

  1. Research that fabric choice.  Several years ago I ordered team shirts for a group of twenty.  I choose to pay a little more to have a higher quality golf type shirt, with a synthetic material that was super breathable.  Unfortunately, the fabric pulled easily and got little fabric pills on it within the first few wears.  They planned to wear these at least once a week for a year, and it was a big disappointment that the fabric showed wear so quickly.  Before you order, ask if you can see the fabric, have the name of someone who has ordered the same shirt, or even give a shirt a test run before ordering multiples.
  2. On lettering, consider distance.  Before choosing a type size think about how far your clients will be from your employees.  Do they need to be able to read lettering in a crowded convention hall from twelve feet away, or will they be just across a counter? Choose font sizes accordingly. Think about the typical black t shirts with white lettering spelling out “security” in giant lettering on the back, how helpful would that be if “security” was written in fourteen point script on their breast pocket?  Not very.
  3. Evaluate color and style pairings.  What pant or skirt styles and colors will your team be wearing with their shirt?  You wouldn’t want to order a light tan shirt and then ask your team to wear it with khakis.  Beige attack.  You also wouldn’t want your team wearing nice black dress slacks with a cotton shirt, as those styles don’t complement each other.

Group apparel is a great way to set your team apart and help them be found.  I appreciate it greatly when I am at events or stores and looking for someone to assist me.  There are hundreds of team apparel options, but once you consider the style, clothing culture, and client interaction unique to your team, you will significantly narrow the field.  Happy shopping!