Renting Furniture for Your Next Event

Poppy red sofas, suede lounge chairs with bright green pillows, a leather living room set with a beautiful hickory coffee table. What did the furniture at your last event look like?

If you dream of furnishings that perfectly match the style of your event, it might be time to consider furniture rental.

Event furniture rental companies can provide things like:

  • sofas
  • chairs
  • tables
  • pillows
  • rugs
  • lighting
  • backdrops
  • beverage stations
  • household items

These companies will also deliver and pick up the items you rent. Some offer packages sorted by color or style, and might even offer design services as well.

Finding a company:
If you live in or near a metro area, it is very likely that there is more than one event rental company in the yellow pages or just a google search away. Cort Events serves many of the lower 48 states, and they have a beautiful website that you should browse for inspiration!

What if I’m planning a smaller event, or one that is  quite far from a professional rental company? Then it’s time to get creative and contact some local stores that carry the type of inventory you are looking for. I know for a fact that some furniture stores will rent out their stock. You’ll need to call and find out what the price and delivery arrangements would be.

A quick aside — you can find stores that will rent more than furniture! We have a wonderful garden shop here in Asheville, NC that rents out beautiful plants and floral arrangements for weddings, graduations, corporate events etc. for a much lower price than purchasing them would run! You might be surprised what a store would be willing to “rent” you for your event.

Now, back to our original topic. Before you contact anyone about furniture rental you need to answer the following questions. What type of seating are you looking for, and for how many people? What colors or style are you interested in? What is your budget? What time would the furniture need to be in place? When would it need to be picked up?

Once you’ve got those basic questions answered, begin your phone calls or emails. Don’t forget to ask about insurance, or what will happen if a piece is damaged or stained.

Send us photos of your favorite furniture rental set ups that you’ve put together, we love seeing your creativity.