Rainy Day Ideas

How often has this scenario come to life in your student event planning?

You’ve planned a perfect afternoon of outdoor camp activities.  You’ve got everything set up and are just waiting for your group to come and enjoy the festivities.  And then, the thunder rolls, the lightning strikes and the rain begins to fall.  Your perfect outdoor activities are rained out.

Child Rainy DayWhat do you do when your camp activities are cancelled due to rain?  As much as you watch the weather forecast and even pray for a dry day, there is one thing that will always be certain…weather is unpredictable.  Storms can arise when we least expect them.  As an event planner, you should be prepared for the unexpected, especially when it comes to rainy day activities.  Here are a few ideas you can have on hand when the weather might alter your plans.

•    Board Games – Bring an assortment of board games to the retreat for a relaxed afternoon of indoor fun.  These could also be placed in a lobby for late night game time.
•    Movie Day – One of the easiest things to do on a rainy day is to show a movie.  Make sure to have a movie that is appropriate for all guests.
•    Local Attractions – If there are indoor, local attractions such as museums, shopping centers or family-fun centers, you could spend a rainy afternoon here.  Keep in mind there may be an added cost for some of these places.
•    Rainy Day Games – A list of games to play indoors is great to have on hand when your outdoor activity might be delayed but not completely cancelled due to weather.  These could include an indoor scavenger hunt, large group games or team-building activities.  A great online resource can be found at Ultimate Camp Resource.
•    Crafts – Indoor activities such as making jewelry, scrapbooking or painting stones can offer a low-key rainy day alternative for your more crafty guests.
•    Play in the Rain – Not all of your outdoor activities have to be cancelled just because it is raining.  Consider going forth with your outdoor plans if the activity will still be safe for all those participating.

Rain doesn’t have to ruin your retreat!  Be prepared with a few alternative ideas for your guests just in case weather forces you to change your plans.  And, rain isn’t the only type of weather that might make you alter your plans.  Excessive cold or heat can also be a factor in your outdoor plans.

What rainy day activities do you like to provide for your guests when inclement weather arises?  Comment in the section below!