Hosting Your Speakers And Worship Leaders, Part One

You may have heard stories of celebrities with crazy requests when they come to a venue.  A bowl of M&M’s with all of the brown ones taken out.  Only white flowers in the hotel room.   A refrigerator in the dressing room with a glass door.  While these requests are on the extreme side, certain high-profile talent require things of this nature when they perform.

It’s highly doubtful you have had to deal with requests on this scale, but as an event planner, you should strive to host your speakers and worship leaders with excellence.  I recently spoke with various worship leaders and speakers and asked them to share three things a host (church, conference, organization, etc.) could do to make their experience the best possible one.  Their answers were surprisingly very similar.

The one thing each person I spoke with listed was good communication.  They offered great suggestions on what types of things they like to receive in advance.

  • “Communication prior to the event is huge.  I love being able to connect with the pastor/speaker beforehand.  This helps me form my worship sets and allows us to be on the same page walking into the event rather than scrambling to move pieces around last minute.  It’s also great to hear the vision of the event and what we’re trying to accomplish so I can begin to wrap my heart around it.” – Jarrod, worship leader
  • “A complete schedule of the event day(s) is very helpful, directions to the event venue, how long you want the music to be each service, a list of songs that your church is used to singing and may know…all are important.  In addition, take time to verify all hotels are paid for in advance, rental cars are paid for, etc.” – Chris, worship leader
  • “It is very helpful for me to plan my trip by knowing exactly when I need to be there and when the event is concluded.  It is also very helpful to know the subject matter pretty far out. If there is a general topic and you will allow me great freedom on what I will speak on that is good.  But, if someone wants to give more specific guidance (certain scripture passages, highlighting the theme, etc.) then communicate that as soon as possible.  If you have certain expectations for evangelistic appeal, then share that also.” – Sam, conference speaker
  • “Have clear, simple and easy communication available not only before the event but also during the event!” – Gerald, worship leader

It is evident excellent communication is a very important part of preparation for everyone involved with the event.  Stay tuned for part two of this discussion with worship leaders and speakers as they share other important things they desire from their conference hosts.