How To Thrill Your Guests With Fewer Choices

I hate ordering coffee at Starbucks. Grande, venti, foam, blended, iced . . . Too many choices for a tea-drinker like myself.  Do you think an event planner can ever offer too many choices to their guests? I do.

Back to me in line at Starbucks. I envy the people placing their order with certainty, “tall, iced hazelnut macchiato.” I stare up at the menu board and wonder what combination of words I need to say to get something small, sweet and without loads of caffeine that will make me shake all morning.  Sometimes I choose something I like, other times I’m disappointed with my order. Now when my coffee-loving husband brings me something from Starbucks, I always enjoy it.  He knows the “language” and what I like, and I accept his gift, and drink appreciatively.

It’s appropriate for event organizers to know when their guests need to be directed towards a better experience by fewer choices. Are you offering training or introducing a new subject to your guests? This might be the perfect opportunity to use your expertise, and/or the knowledge of your experts to craft the best event schedule for your attendees.

For example, you might replace fifteen breakout session options with five.  Focus on the five sessions that your guests most need to attend to get a good grasp of the topic.  If the five break out sessions were taught by the most sought after experts in the field, on the top questions that everyone was wrestling with, I don’t think you’d get complaints!

Slimming down the choices can be especially helpful during shorter events; a one day conference with limited options can direct people through the exact set of experiences you, the planner, have promised.

What choices might you trim from your next event? What more helpful experience could you put in its place?