Have You Heard of BidPal?

We’re always looking for ways to help improve and streamline your event planning, organization and execution. If you’ve got a charitable fundraiser coming up, you should know about BidPal.

Bidpal is an electronic system that replaces the paper tally sheets that usually accompany a silent auction of multiple items at a charity fundraiser. You know, the ones that sit in front of items, or photos and descriptions of items around a large room, where you walk around and pencil in your name and bid?

BidPal uses handheld devices that look like a smart phone, which guests receive on arrival. They are pre-loaded with photos and descriptions, but guests can still walk around and see the items for bidding in person. There are simple buttons for guests to push to bid on an item, plus other features like the ability to receive bid alerts, and watch favorite items.

If you decide to use the BidPal system (www.bidpalnetwork.com) the company will assign you an event consultant that will help prepare for the big event. They will also conduct a survey of your event site, and provide someone to set up a wireless network, monitor the equipment/information during the event, train your volunteers, and generally manage the BidPal system for you.

BidPal claims that when their system is used, organizations see an average of three times more bids per item. And that means more profit at the end of the evening.

This sounds like a user friendly tech tool that could end up being quite profitable. I would love to hear from anyone in our audience who has used BidPal and what their experience was like. What other technology tools make fundraising easier and more profitable for your clients?