Ideas for Your Next Themed Meal

Tired of the same old meals served in the same old fashion at your event?  Consider having a themed meal (or meals) during your next retreat if your venue allows for the ability to change things up a bit!  Themed meals provide a fun environment to do what your guests will be doing anyway – eating!  They give you, as an event planner, a chance to showcase a creative side, hopefully creating an evening that will long be question markHere are a few ideas for a themed meal you can incorporate in your next event or as a stand-alone evening:

  1. Western Night – Pull out the hay bales, bandanas and cowboy hats as your guests dine on cuisine such as barbeque, ribs, chicken and all the fixings.  Decorate tables with checkered tablecloths, using Western themed items for centerpieces.  Have country music streaming in the background.  If you plan on making an evening out of it, consider hiring a square dance caller to give your guests a truly Western experience!  As an added touch, create invitations in the form of “Most Wanted” posters to hand out in the packet given to guests when they check-in for the retreat.
  2. Hawaiian Night – A luau is a relaxed way to experience dinner.  Decorations include colorful tablecloths, flowers, leis and grass skirts.  Hawaiian music can fill the background as your guests dine on chicken, pasta salads, fruit and other tropical treats.
  3. Italian Night – A pasta bar is the focal point of a night dedicated to Italian food.  Small café type tables can set the ambiance of an Italian restaurant.  Table decorations can include checkered tablecloths and large containers of dry pasta.
  4. Holiday Meals – If your event is in a month other than November or December, your guests could be in for a big surprise if they enter a dining room decorated for a holiday such as Christmas.  Decorations can be as detailed as putting up a tree and lights or as simple as holiday tablecloths and Christmas carols playing.  A home-cooked meal of turkey, ham, dressing and all the sides can add to the feel of the holiday meal.  If you want to give your guests something they can take home, create an ornament commemorating the event to give to each guest.

These are just a few ideas you could implement in your next event.  There are many activities you could add to make an entire evening of your meal.  You might want to inform your guests of your themes before your event if you want them to dress in certain attire for the meal.

Have you had themed meals at one of your events?  If so, comment in the section below with your ideas!