Struggling to Manage Your Event Guest List and Check In?

Your guest list has just been modified and you are rushing to print the updated copy for all of your check-in staff manning the doors. You’re handing out the new list, and scanning the crowd for the VIP’s you need to greet personally.  Sound familiar? If so, there’s a new app available that might be just what you are looking for- Zkipster, billed as a “Guest List App for Event Planners”.

Zkipster is cloud based, which means all of the information is stored on a big server somewhere that you access via the app you download to your iPad or tablet. Yes, it works on ios or Win 8.  You can use multiple iPads or tablets and all see people checking in in real-time with instant updating. That means if I check in Mr. John Doe, then the other three people with iPads will also see his name as checked in. Sweet!

Last minute add ons or subtractions are no big deal, and you can set it up to notify you when certain people check in, like VIP’s or volunteers. Security is tight on this service, so you don’t have to worry about the names on your guest list getting out. They offer SSL encryption “up to Swiss banking standards.”

Cost. It’s $75 per event if you want to pay as you go, $165 per month for an annual plan, or $185 per month for a seasonal plan with billing every four months. On each of these you can have multiple lists per event, so if you have a pre-session that only 50 people are signed up for, you can keep that list separate from the main session list.

A few add ons are available for an extra fee, one I particularly like is the ability to add a photo to each guest. If you’d like to try this out, just create an account at and then download the app from the app store. I hope I get a chance to try this out in the near future, it sounds great, and I’d love to give my printer a rest!

How do you handle your guest list?