5 Thoughts On The Growth Of Meeting Planners

A recent article on salary.com, listed Meeting/Event Planner as one of the top 5 fastest growing jobs in America. Matter of fact, it’s number 4 on the list behind Physical Therapy Assistant, Biomedical Engineer and Home Care Aide.

That got me thinking “what is behind this growth?” Here are 5 aspects that that I thought might be behind people becoming Meeting/Event Planners.

  1. Social aspect. If you’re like me, you’re very outgoing. This leads you to want to host events, get to know others and connect them to things you think they might enjoy.
  2. Ministry aspect. Since you’re reading this blog and its focus is on Christian events, the ministry aspect is probably a huge factor in your decision to be a meeting/event planner. God has gifted you with the talent to be an organizer, and you’re using that gift to be a meeting/event planner. As Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians this is your part of being the body of Christ.
  3. Servant aspect. This goes hand and hand with ministry, but I believe it involves a higher calling.  These are the types of people that want to be behind the scenes.  They don’t care if their name is called or not, they’ll be there to do the planning.
  4. Popular aspect. We seen a lot of growth in Pinterest. Watching these boards has given you several ideas to plan a meeting or event, and you’ve decided to give planning a try.
  5. Startup aspects. The startup costs to being a meeting/event planner are small. If you got a good laptop and smartphone, you’re ready to go. Some businesses require you to have a store front (rent) or inventory (cash flow). Those might be areas you get into down the road, but there not necessary to get your business up and running. The costs to start websites has decreased as well with the emergence of WordPress and similar platforms.

What do you think has lead to this growth?