Organizing a Fundraising Event

Unless you are hosting a group of multimillionaires, your fundraising event is not going to make much money.

What? You’ve poured hundreds of man hours into planning, and spent money on entertainment and, or a meal. So, why plan a fundraising event? To bring attention to a cause or organization and to establish and strengthen relationships with donors who will give over time.

To do this difficult work of establishing and strengthening relationships be sure to include the following items in your fundraising event:

  1. A call to action. Don’t let your attendees wonder what you want them to do. Sign up to volunteer one weekend in the next two months? Give money towards a specific goal?  Make this clear!
  2. Multiple ways to get involved. People’s health, schedule, financial and family circumstances limit and gift them in different ways. Do you have multiple opportunities for people to get involved with the cause or organization? A mother with children may not be able to clear an entire Saturday to help, but she might be happy to come by your office and pick up envelopes to stuff for a big mailing. Vary the options for your volunteers.
  3. Nurture relationships with follow-up. As the fundraising event coordinator it may not be your job to follow-up with the attendees. But, even if it is not, be sure you get enough information from everyone that follow-up is possible. Fundraising is all about relationships. Call the people who give, sign-up, and volunteer. Thank them, take them out to lunch, ask why they are passionate about the cause and how they envision helping in the next 12 months.

Organizing a fundraising event comes with its own strategies and challenges.  I hope these tips will help make your next money-raising event a success!