First Aid at Your Event

First aid considerations change depending on the age and size of the group for which you are responsible.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

First Aid

A first aid kit is a must have item for anyone leading a group.  Hopefully you already have one of these stowed away in your car or office, ready at a moment’s notice.  If you don’t, purchase one of the larger versions that has a little bit of everything in it, and the supplement according to your groups needs.

If you are traveling with minors, create a release form and have it signed by each minor’s legal guardian.  You can find these forms online, and with a little tweaking they are ready to use.  This form will allow you to direct medical care for the minor if their legal guardian is not present.

Find out if any of your group participants have allergies.  Ask if they carry an EPI pen and if so, where they store it.

If you are hosting an event:

  • Consider having a first aid station.  For a smaller event you could simply find someone who is trained in first aid and ask them to man the station.  For a large event, consider paying a nurse or doctor and a team of first aid responders to staff the station.  An additional option is to notify the local fire/police station of your event. Sometimes they will send an ambulance and EMT team to be on standby at your event.
  • Install an external defibrillator.  These devices are highly automated and can treat certain sudden cardiac events.  They are usually installed on a wall in easily noticed locations.
  • Train all your staff in emergency first aid.  You can contact the Red Cross and have someone come to your location to do the training, or attend a training event together.  As a group, go over several possible scenarios of emergencies at your event and how you might respond.  How will you decide to call 911? Who will make call?  Where should the ambulance park for best access? Who will meet the EMT’s and show them where the patient is waiting?

Forethought, supplies and training can make a big difference when a small or large medical emergency occurs.  You will never be sorry that you took the time to prepare.