Unique Informational and Directional Signs For Your Next Event

As event planners, we know the value of a well placed sign. They can keep guests from ending up in the wrong place, asking the same question 1,023 times “What’s on the menu for dinner?”, or missing a breakout session when it changes location at the last moment.

Unfortunately, most of the directional/info signs that I see look like an afterthought. A beat up dry erase board on a wobbly stand, with a quick note jotted in smeared black marker. If this sounds all too familiar, then it’s time to update.  Dry erase markers work on a number of different surfaces, what if you used:


  • A big mirror in a beautiful frame. Find a very secure stand.
  • A wipe-off board with a solid, nicely painted, wooden frame.
  • A beautiful, brightly colored frame. Put a piece of nice fabric or paper where the picture would normally go.
  • Old windows with four or six different frames. These are perfect for group or table assignments.

If you’d like to see lots of examples and DIY instructions, just click over to www.pinterest.com , you’ll find more than you need!

So, think about the style and theme of your upcoming event and get creative with your signs! Share tips and photos with us of things you’ve done in the past, we’d love to see them.