Hiring Event Security

Safety for your event guests and presenters is on your short-list of top priorities. If you’ve decided to establish a security team for an upcoming event, here are a few things to consider.

A close up of the word security from a dictionaryDoes the event venue provide security? Do you need to request it or is it included in the rental price? How many security officers will be on site? Who do they report to? Whom should you contact in the event of an emergency?

What are you hoping a security team will do? Crowd control? A pre-event security assessment? Patrols? Emergency response? Think carefully about what you are hoping your security team will undertake, so that you’re ready to discuss these expectations with whomever you hire.

Will you go through a private security company, or find local people on your own? “Ted’s a big guy, let’s ask him what he’s doing Friday night.” Have you ever heard of someone hiring security this way? Professional security officers have received specialized training, and many states require that they be registered and or licensed.  You should familiarize yourself with the requirements for guards or security officers in the state where your event will be taking place. A private security company might be a great option for your event, www.guardstogo.com has officers all over the US. If you’re in North or South Carolina, you might check out www.pssprotection.com.

Contact your local police force as a resource. If you’re not able to find a private security firm that serves your area, give your local police station a call.  Perhaps there are off-duty police officers that are interested in doing a little freelance work. The major advantage to off-duty police officers is their depth of training, and their powers of arrest. This company http://offdutyservices.com specializes in matching off-duty police officers with clients.

Hiring event security is a big decision, take time to investigate several options, call references and think through emergency procedures with your team. Hopefully you will find a solution that fits, and use it again and again.