An Event in December? It is Possible!

The Christmas season is upon us. Work parties, family gatherings, church services, Christmas lights, decorating trees, wrapping presents, and the list goes on and on. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, this question may seem strange – why might December be the perfect time to host an event? When this question was first posed to me, my initial thought was, “I can think of 101 reasons not to hold an event during December.” Yet, after thinking about it further, for some types of events, December may just be a great time to meet. Here are a few advantages:

  • Great Prices: Conference centers are typically a little slower during the month of December. By booking throughout the first part of December (I’d recommend avoiding the latter part of the month because of holiday commitments for guests), prices may be very negotiable.
  • Flexible Dates: Melissa Inman, Director of Marketing and Sales at Ridgecrest Conference Center, says, “Hotels with minimum night stay requirements may be flexible before Christmas. They may allow you to hold one night events or even a day meeting when otherwise they would typically require multiple night stays.”
  • Platform Speaker Availability: December is a much slower time for conferences. Depending on their audience, many platform speakers find their busiest seasons either in the spring, summer, or fall months. You may be able to book a larger name during the first few weeks of December based on the slower conference season.
  • Cheaper Airline Prices: According to, “The best days to fly are low-season, shoulder-season, or non-holiday travel dates; this will vary based on your destination, largely because of weather.” By booking an event in early December, it is likely reduced airfare could be available.
  • Decorations: Most hotels and conference centers decorate for Christmas. Therefore, your need for additional decorations may be much less. If, in fact, you do need to decorate, trees and garland adorned with Christmas lights are great options.
  • Themed Catering Options: Because it’s the holiday season, you almost have built-in catering ideas. You can host a traditional holiday meal and incorporate holiday-themed treats, as well. For example, hot chocolate bars, peppermint-flavored desserts, sugar cookies, and gingerbread men are just a few ideas to include.
  • Holiday Themed Entertainment: Invite a group of Christmas carolers dressed in Victorian costumes to serenade your guests throughout a meal or at check-in. Incorporate a man dressed as Santa Claus to pass out take-home gifts. Hire someone to lead your group in a night of Christmas music.
  • Negotiable Upgrades/Amenities: Because this is often a slower time for conference centers and other event venues, negotiate upgrades and amenities that you might not be able to afford otherwise. Don’t be afraid to ask for more than you think you can receive, especially during a time when salespeople may be looking to fill spaces.

December is, in fact, a very busy month. However, with proper planning and a great marketing strategy, you may be able to host an incredible event for less. And, if you can get attendees to register with plenty of time to spare, this can be on their calendars before the rush of the holiday season begins.