Newsjacking and How To Do It For Your Event

The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Scott defines newsjacking as “inserting your ideas into a breaking news story by writing a real-time blog post or shooting a video to interest reporters and generate coverage.”

Here’s an example of what this might look like.  Imagine you are organizing an event for women in leadership. Then, on the morning news you see a big story on the strain childcare costs are placing on women and their families. Now is your chance to write a blog post, or send out a twitter message, or record a quick video interview with an informed response to the topic.  Your PR person/team can help you get this response to appropriate people, like a local news team or radio station.  You help provide great local information on an emerging story/topic and your event gets some recognition.

For any event you can brainstorm topics that might be good newsjacking possibilities.  Take the time to talk about it with your event team, and make a list together. The key to newsjacking is great information and speed of response.  A news cycle doesn’t last very long, at the most 24-48 hours. You need to notice a related topic, produce high quality content, and get it out there rapidly.

Author David Scott calls this “developing a real time mindset”.  He points out that most businesses only draw from past or future experiences, and that those who jump in to the happening now arena can set themselves apart and enjoy some nice advertising and attention.

Try this out, and be willing to fail and learn from your mistakes, you’ll improve over time and you’ll be developing a marketing tool that not many businesses have grasped.  Have you ever newsjacked? Please tell us how and what happened.