How To Hook More MidWeek Savings

Any event planner knows about mid-week and off-season savings. It’s the reason I book my beach house for the day after the fall season begins and save 40% off the price charged just 7 days before. Sweet!

Financial Security Ahead SignSometimes I think we go down a quick checklist in our minds and decide that it’s worth paying more to get the weekend time slot. Here are a few new things to consider before committing to pay the extra buck for your next event.

Do some research. Look for venues or caterers whose business is mostly from weekend guests. If a convention center caters mostly to business clients, you probably won’t find deep discounts for week day events. But, if you find a beautiful venue that hosts mostly weddings and weekend travelers, they might offer much more appealing rates to drum up mid week business.

Consider Travel Costs. Friday, Saturday and Sunday airline tickets are by far the priciest. Do a quick comparison of the same tickets for the weekend and then midweek dates during the same week. Do the same for guest rooms. If you decide to go midweek, total these savings and be sure to let your guests know about them. This might be a tipping point for your more thrifty businesses and individual attendees.

Prepare to Haggle. If your caterer has a line of customers standing behind you, don’t expect much wiggle room- but if it’s just you-you might get the same sit down dinner on Wednesday for 20% less than another group that Saturday. Businesses want clients, and they’re willing to negotiate to get them if you don’t have competition.

Cost is often a big factor for your potential event attendees, hopefully these three tips will help you scout out some major deals to pass along to your clients.