Saving Time and Confusion with a Flow Chart

Yes, I did say flow chart.  No, this is not 10th grade math class.  Are your attendees coming to you, and your employees with a similar question over and over? One that involves you asking quite a few “yes” or “no” questions? Is the information you have to provide something that could be concentrated and turned into a visual chart? You might save lots of time, and provide great information for them with a flow chart!

Here’s a fun example of a flow chart from on what type of apple to buy.

Don’t you know that employees at apple orchards wish they had this hanging up?  I wonder how many times they answer the “what type of apple should I buy?” question every season.

So, maybe you’ve got a great idea for a flow chart that you’d like to create.  It’s creative, helpful, fantastic!!!  So, how do you do it? Gulp. Microsoft Word? (That sounds like long hours of work and frustration).

Flow charts fall into a larger category of communication called infographics.  An infographic is “a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data.”

Here is a great list of more than 20 tools you can use to create the infographic your next event has been languishing without! Some of the services here are free, others are paid; often you can try a trial or use minimal features for free.  You could also consider hiring a graphic designer to create a flowchart of infographic for you, their fees usually start at $50 per hour.

Have you ever used an infographic or flow chart at an event? For organizing or to clarify things for your guests?  Share, we’d love to see what you’ve used with success.