How To Set Up A Simple Video Interview

A content rich video can be gold for your event website or large group sessions. If you have the resources, I recommend finding a local videographer and hiring them. They’ll have the equipment and expertise, not only to capture excellent material, but also to produce a professional looking video. That said, this post is to help you get your toes wet if you’re just beginning to take video yourself.

You should already have a digital video camera, a computer, and some type of video editing software.

To set up a simple video interview consider:

  • The audio: All the experts advise that you not rely on your camera to pick up and record the audio on your video. You need either a lapel or boom microphone. For a beginning operation a lapel mic will require less investment and less crew. Here’s a video that compares several different wireless lapel mic systems:
  • The background: If you can, place your interview subject against an interesting but not distracting background. And, let the background emphasize the topic or expertise of your expert. For example, if I were interviewing a pastor on marriage, it might be appropriate to have him sitting in his study, or in a chapel where he has conducting the marriage ceremony of hundreds of couples. Carefully check what will be in the shot before you record the entire interview.
  • The lighting: I like to use outdoor shade, indirect lighting from large windows, and, in a pinch, lamps with their shades removed. Yes, there are much more professional ways to light a shot, but these are free. Again, record a minute or so of video as a test, and look at the lighting. Are there distracting shadows? Can you clearly see your subject’s face?

If you’ve never conducted a video interview before, try your first one on a friend or family member. This will allow you some practice without any pressure. The more you do, the better you will become.

Do you set up, capture and edit your own video interviews? Share your tips with the group!