Caravans and Mini-Retreats

I’m a big sports fan.  The Atlanta Braves are my baseball team, and the Tennessee Titans are my football team.  Both of these teams do something really cool during the off season, and it’s called a Caravan.  The great thing about these caravans is they create excitement for the upcoming season.

These caravans also feature players and coaches.  That’s what gets the fans out; the chance to meet their favorite player or coach and get an autograph.

A caravan could be a great way for you to promote your event.

I know of one event for children’s pastors that tours into markets that their event is not in.  I love this idea!

This caravan or mini-event, features a speaker that could be on their platform or just someone local they feel represents their brand and a musical artist.

Could your event pull off something similar?

Imagine hitting a marketplace and rallying it for your event.  The publicity in that market could be priceless.

I would also setup a hashtag and get a social media plan in place to promote your caravan.  How did I hear the Braves Caravan was recently in my area?  Facebook.  It was fun for me to follow along as they made all their stops and signed autographs.

This might be a daunting task to add to your big event planning because your essentially planning mini-events in different marketplaces.

Think of this as part of your marketing plan.  Look for a free venue that would be interested in hosting your event, and work with local radio to help spread the word.

And don’t forget the power of social media.  Look for bloggers that could be a part of the mini event.  Some of those might even make great speakers.

The mini event can create excitement and momentum for your big event.  Give it some thought to see if it make sense for your event.