What Really Happens Before The Exhibit Hall Opens?

As many of you probably already know, it takes a lot of work to set up an exhibit hall. Until I started at LifeWay 10 years ago, I had never been a part of exhibiting at a convention or conference. I’d attended a bunch of food shows, hotel conventions, etc, but had never been a part of the set up.

This year’s Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix will be my 11th consecutive one and each year I’m amazed at all the work that goes into setting up the exhibit hall. To help give folks a sense of what all goes on we decided to put together a short video from our set up this past Friday.

Hope you enjoy it!

Untitled from Byron Hill on Vimeo.

Is The Customer Always Right?

Is the customer always right? For many businesses, this is a bedrock value that helps to define how they deliver service to their customers. Others see it as a license for customers to abuse the system and get stuff for free.

Last month I wrote a post on Serving from the director’s chairdealing with this question from the service provider perspective (read post here). Bottom line? For me, I’ve come to believe the customer is not always right. However, they are always the customer and businesses that forget this will not be successful for long.

Evidently the post touched some nerves as it generated numerous comments on the blog, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. Virtually all of the comments were in agreement with the premise that the customer is not always right, but they all seemed to be from people on the service delivery side of the equation.

Since the great majority of the readers of MinistryServingMinistry.com are customers, I thought I would ask you…Is the customer always right? More importantly, how does a hotel or conference center’s approach to customer service impact your decision to use their facilities for your event, meeting or retreat?

Would love to hear what you think. Please take a moment and share your thoughts by commenting below. Thanks!