“All Is Lost” and Your Events

Have you watched a movie, read a book or listened to a song that stuck with you for a while?  That happened to me recently.

I watched a movie called “All Is Lost” that has really affected me.  The movie features one actor, Robert Redford and tells the story of his journey on a ship sailing across the Indian Ocean.

Redford’s character is simply named “Our Man.” Watching this movie made me think of about 3 things about how we live life:

  1. We’re not made to go through life alone. The whole movie features Our Man in the middle of the ocean by himself.  I would go nuts not having someone to talk too.  Matter of fact while watching this movie alone, I talked to the screen.  Life is meant to live with friends and family.
  2. We need the right tools to live life. I don’t want to give the movie away (until we get to the next point), but all the way through it, Our Man keeps looking at his compass. He needs that to make it home, or at least try to make it home. At one point he fires off a couple of flares. Without these tools, he’s lost in the middle of the ocean.
  3. SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this if you’re going to see the movie.  Sometimes a helping hand comes when you least expect it.  Our Man gets that hand when he finally gives up.  Every once in a while, God sends that person along to help us right when we need it.

I would imagine when the producers set out to make this movie, they didn’t think I would have these takeaways.  The same applies for your events.  Participants will surprise you with what sticks with them after your event.

As we wrap up this blog, I would encourage you to look for takeaways and inspiration from any piece of art.  These might be inspirations that even surprise you!