Keeping it Relevant

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of twenty-somethings. As I shared with them, I referenced a song I thought would surely bring a laugh and drive home a point I was trying to make. The only problem? They had never heard of the song before. In that moment, I knew the example I had given was not relevant to them. What I thought was a universal song ended up being something only my generation could appreciate.

Relevance. It affects us in many facets of our lives, but it plays a crucial role when it comes to event planning. If your event is no longer relevant, it will not survive.

Adaptation to the current trends, needs, and desires of those you are trying to reach is of utmost importance as you plan new events and restructure existing ones. So, how can you keep your event relevant in an ever-changing world? Here are a few tips:

  • Know your audience. Become an expert in the field of people you are trying to reach. What drives them? What catches their attention? What will make them say “yes” to an invitation to your event? If you aren’t a part of that particular group of people, enlist those who are to provide feedback, suggestions, and knowledge.
  • Know your purpose. Is the goal of your event to share about a particular topic or trend? Ask yourself, “Is this still something people want to learn more about?” If what you are offering is no longer needed, then your event is no longer relevant. How can you change it? How can you adapt to the current culture?
  • Know your location. Can your location adequately provide for the needs of the attendees you hope to reach? Here are a few things to consider: Does your event location have Wi-Fi appropriate for the number of guests attending? Is the location of your event such that people can easily travel by car or conveniently travel from a nearby airport? Do your guests have special dietary needs that will need to be accommodated? Does your location provide the technology you need to ensure a successful event?
  • Know yourself. Are you holding on to traditions of the past? Do you catch yourself answering questions with “because we’ve always done it this way?” If you aren’t willing to make changes, your event can suffer. Realize changing your attitude towards refreshing and revamping your event can be the difference in it thriving or not surviving.

Change can be hard, especially if your event has a longstanding history and traditions in place. However, in order to compete with others and keep your event on the forefront of peoples’ minds, you have to be willing to adapt to changing cultures and trends.

Your Thoughts?