Happy Christmas

When I think about that first Christmas many years ago, I am humbled. The King of the World, the Savior of our sins, God Himself in human form … born in a stable, lying in a manger, surrounded by animals.

It’s definitely not the way I would have planned for Christ to enter this world. Definitely not the way I would have hosted the favored guests, Mary and Joseph. Definitely not how I would have wanted people to come and worship at the foot of the King.

A less than suitable housing situation. No medical staff on standby. Animals most likely interrupting the stillness. Unexpected guests arriving to be a part of the wonder of the evening.

It’s definitely not the way I would have planned for Christ to enter the world.

But … God.

God saw the bigger picture. He knew the ultimate ending. He didn’t need perfection in the eyes of the world. He crafted this moment just the way it needed to be … and it was perfect.

This Christmas, you may be playing host to family events, church events, or corporate events. As you plan and implement your ideas of how things “should be,” remember the real reason we are celebrating this December.

Jesus, God Himself in human flesh, lying in a manger filled with hay. It wasn’t glamourous. It wasn’t inviting. It wasn’t the way I would have planned it. But, it was perfect.

Happy Christmas from Ridgecrest Conference Center and the Ministry Serving Ministry team to you! May your season be filled with love, joy, peace, and a sense of wonder as you celebrate the birthday of our Lord.


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