Prayer Ideas Before Your Event

There are many ways you can get others involved in your event preparation.  While some people can take a very active role in getting things ready, there are others who can take a more passive role, one that doesn’t require them to even leave the comfort of their own home.  As you enlist volunteers, remember to ask people to do one very simple thing – pray for all aspects of your event.
pray word in letterpress typeAs you begin preparing for your retreat, develop a prayer plan, as well.  Be specific as you ask others to join you in prayer.  Determine the general and specific prayer requests you have.  Don’t include anything too personal – save these for your smaller, more intimate team.  Some things to pray over could include small group leaders, break out sessions, worship/large group times, travel, guests attending, host location, speakers, administration, weather, etc.  In addition to deciding what to ask people to pray for, also decide how you would like to ask others to pray.  Would you like them to pray specifically about something each day for 100 days?  40 days?  A week prior?  ‘Round the clock prayer time slots during the event?

Here are a few ways you can get the prayer requests to those who want to join you:

  • 100 Days of Prayer Calendar – If your event is a large-scale conference designed with making a large impact on your church or organization, consider a longer season of prayer prior to the event.  Have calendars available with a daily prayer request on them.
  • Prayer Bookmarks/Postcards – These are great to hand out the week before an event begins, with a few simple things to pray for regarding the conference.   These can easily be seen posted on a refrigerator, desk or even in a Bible.
  • Prayer Emails – While many people don’t want to be bombarded with yet another daily email, consider sending a very short prayer request email each day.  The key is to keep it brief and to the point.  (I recently received an email from a friend’s church entitled “Read, Pray, Delete”.  It included a very short prayer request and simply asked you to read it, pray for it and then delete it.)
  • Social Media – Facebook and Twitter are great resources to send out a daily post about a particular prayer request for your event.

These are just a few ways to get people involved before and during your retreat in a very important way.  What have you done as an event planner to enlist people to pray for your upcoming conferences and retreats?  Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

Your Thoughts?