Leave Them Wanting More

I originally moved to Nashville wanting to play drums.  I had the opportunity to play in a few bands and make some great music that I’ve very proud to have created, and I’ve definitely reached a place were I’m content playing only at church now.

When we had a gig coming up, we always created set lists to work from, and creating these set lists was never easy.  But as we got to the end of each show, we wanted to go out with a bang every time, so we would always put one of our best and most fun songs at the end.  The goal was as our bass player would say, “Leave them wanting more.”

I know what you’re thinking, “how does this apply to events?”  Well, I’ll tell you.  You probably sit around, plan and dream what the beginning of your event is going to look like.  But do you put as much emphasis on the ending as you do the beginning?  Do you leave the attendees wanting more?

Take the time to create an incredible ending just like that beginning you worked so hard on.  And I’m not just talking about ending in prayer.

If your event is spiritual in nature, maybe you close with an even better worship set than the beginning.

If your event is teaching, maybe you save the best speaker till the end.

If your event includes breakout sessions, maybe you save the best breakout till the end.

You’re starting to get the picture, right?

I bet your team can get creative on how to end your event, and probably even better than some of the ideas I’ve mentioned above.

As your plan your event, be as intentional on creating a closing experience as you are an opening experience.

Remember: Leave them wanting more.

Your Thoughts?