Instagram: Creating a Visual Impression of Your Event

According to Digital Marketing Ramblings, Instagram has 75 million active users . . .  per day.  It’s a social media network that is booming, and continuing to grow.

Instagram is also a great spot to create a visual impression of your event and share it with the world.  We’ve talked in a previous post about streaming an Instagram feed at your event, (read that here) so I won’t go into detail about that aspect.

instagramToday we’re going to discuss creating a visual impression before and during your event on Instagram.

Take beautiful photos of your event location and preparation. Try getting down on the ground, or way up high, to give a unique/unusual perspective. Vary your photo posts, post a close-up of a unique architectural element of the event local, then a photo of a musician setting up, then a wide shot of an arresting landscape.  You get the idea. Make it interesting and unique.

Always accompany your post with your event hash tag. That way people will be able to follow and hopefully remember the hash tag to use with they post pictures of the event.

Repost photos from artists, speakers, or other event persona’s that are related to your upcoming or in-process event. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see a photo posted by your favorite artist on the tour bus, en-route to the event? You should be following the Instagram streams of people related to the event.

Make during event photos interesting and limited access.  Hopefully your event attendees will be Instagram-ing event photos once the event is underway, and you’ll be following the hash tag you set up and re-posting their best photos. Now you should focus on what most attendees don’t have access to- it will make your photos more interesting and desirable. Go backstage, see what’s happening earllllly in the morning while everyone is still asleep, or catch a late night jam session at midnight. Post those limited access photos for your followers!

Use these tips to create a visual impression of your next event on Instagram! Share your event hash tags with us so we can see what you do!

Your Thoughts?