Productivity Tips for Christian Event Planners

Here are a few tips I’ve found help me focus and accomplish more in the time I have each day.

Fill up early.  I can jump out of bed late, skip breakfast and hit the ground running, but that sets me up for early burn out.  To run the “marathon” of each day I need time alone with my Heavenly Father in the study of Scripture and fellowship of prayer. I also need breakfast.  These two things necessitate me getting up earlier.  If you’re a night owl, perhaps your “filling-up” time with God could happen just before you go to bed.

Touch it, place it. Are you constantly shuffling piles of paper, files, or items that need to be delivered?  “If you pick it up, don’t put it down until it’s in its place” is a rule that has helped me greatly.  It may take a little longer to get that item where it goes- but you’ll be picking it up and dealing with it once instead of two, three, or four times.

Five minutes or less? When a new task comes across my desk I used to add it to my long list of items to deal with later.  I wanted to stay focused on what I was doing and not be interrupted.  I’ve found my mental and physical “list” stays much cleaner if I ask “Will this take five minutes or less?” when a new task hits. If yes- I go ahead and knock it out.  If no, I’ll add it to my list.  It’s amazing how much this has helped!

Block the web surfing, email checking.  I set hours that I’m not going to check my email, or open my web browser.  This keeps me on-task and helps me avoid the distraction of my email ping and Facebook’s constant updates. If you need a program to make you stay out try Freedom, you tell it how long to disable your internet access.

These are a few habits of life that have increased my ability to focus and produce better results during a normal work day.  Hopefully, they assist you too!

Your Thoughts?