Pinterest For Events

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who was telling me she is using Pinterest to drive traffic to her blog. I asked her what the percentage was, and she said 45% was coming from that social media platform. That’s by far the biggest source of traffic for her blog.

Adding Pinterest to your social media toolkit is something you should consider, especially if your event is geared towards to women. Statistics show Pinterest has 80% women. Probably the 20% of us men just want to know what’s going on in there.

With all things social media, I believe you have to have a strategy for adding that platform.  Don’t just do something to be doing it. Have a strategy for content and implementation.

Let’s look at the different kind of content you could pin to your boards:

  1. Quotes from speakers.  Your event has wrapped, and you heard some great quotes from your speakers. Find an image at a place like Big Stock Photo that ties to the subject matter of the quote, add that quote to the image and pin to your board.
  2. Quotes that apply to your event.  If your event is on leadership, pin some great leadership quotes to your board.
  3. Re-pin content from speakers. This is a big one, and a great way to promote the speakers at your event. Add some fun to this by teasing speakers at your next event.
  4. Pin area attractions. Pretty self explanatory, but a great way to let your attendees have an idea of what to do in their free time.
  5. Pin resources.  This might be my favorite one. Share resources by pinning them to a resource board. This is also a great way to generate some affiliate income.

Don’t forgot to promote that your event is on Pinterest. That can be as easy as Tweeting or posting to your Facebook Page about your board. Another idea is using apps to add Pinterest to your Facebook Page. However you do it, an awareness campaign is a must.

Your Thoughts?