2 Ways To Add Revenue To Your Events Bottom Line

Your event is probably like anything right now.  You’re trying to max out every opportunity you can find adding revenue to your bottom line.

I’m in the middle of two big projects.  As part of that, I’m looking for help to spread the word on these two pieces.  In addition, I’m also looking to create additional revenue from products that I recommend that tie to my bigger product.

How I am looking to spread the word on my projects?  Well first I’m signing up affiliates.

Let’s say your event is a conference for writers. Research people who blog about writing by doing a simple Google search, and then work with them to promote your event to their community. You could ask the blogger for promotion help, you could give the readers of the blog a 10% discount to your event or some similar promotion.

I’m looking to pay my affiliates 25% of the cost of my product, and you can negotiate something similar with your affiliates.  In my book, this is “found money”, and what I mean by that is odds are these people may not be familiar with your event till reading about it on the blog.  Hence they “found” you.

I’ll setup a page in the backend of my website that will be an affiliate center for great resources for affiliates to use.  This will include banner ads, sample tweets and more.

The second thing I am looking to sign up is affiliate partners. I consider an affiliate partner a company with a product that aligns with your event and that you would want attendees to use.

Back to our writers event example. Maybe a desk is a product you would recommend to your community. Research a desk company, contact them telling them about your event and negotiate being an affiliate partner for their product.  You would then be paid a commission by the company adding revenue to your bottom line.

There are probably several items you can think of that your attendees would love to get their hands on. You can get as get creative on this one as you want as long as it aligns with your event.

Amazon is an easy way to setup an affiliate program.  They offer great tools for their affiliates, and signing up is easy.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to find ways to add revenue to your events bottom line.

Your Thoughts?